Carbon & Allied Products

The Manufacture and uses of carbon

Common raw materials for carbon manufacture are petroleum coke, retort coke, graphite, carbon black and anthracite. These raw materials are ground to powder and graded for size. These powders together with binders, are mixed in heated container. This mixed powder turns into Blanks by compress’ive pressure, extrusion or isostatic pressure. The pressed material is heat treated in kilns and this process carbonizes the binder and hard carbon is produced. This hard cabon is again electrographitised and impregnated with resins or metal, as application demands, which results in an increase in strength, greater impermeability and higher wear resistance. The types raw materials, their grain size and processing conditions influence, within certain limits, the final mechanical, thermal and electrical properties of the carbon.

Application of Carbon rings & Seals

Reciprocating/Screw Compressors

Metal sleeved ring

Piston and Rider Rings

Stuffing Box Seals

Oil scrapper rings

Carbon Vanes

Alternative material (PTFE & PEEK)


Bushes, Bearings and seal rings for Submersible pumps.

Thrust Bearings

Thrust Bearings


Seal Rings


Mechanical seals

Alternative material (PTFE)

Turbines / Boosters & Blowers

Seal Rings

Labyrinth Rings & Glands

Alternative material for Boosters & Blowers (PTFE)

Rotary joints

Steam joint rings

Inlet & Outlet seals for Kilns

These are used mainly for Rotary Kiln.This innovative Graphite Rotary Kiln Sealing can make any existing kiln more efficient by optimising pressure stability and reducing the release of hot gas and dust particles.